Live Video Meetings
With Magicians

All the fun of a magic meeting without leaving home!

With The Support of
The International Brotherhood of Magicians

International Brotherhood of Magicians

Host your next magic meeting with us. No cost!

Join magicians around the world in one place, at one time, to share magic, show tricks, learn, and connect as global community.

How Do We Meet?

Meetings happen on the Zoom video conference platform. You can join in on any computer or mobile device with a camera and/or microphone.

What Do We Do?

A meeting host will lead a semi-formal agenda of scheduled speakers, mini-lectures, and invite open interaction and participation. Much like the classic magic meeting.

When Is It?

This website will post a schedule of upcoming meetings, and you can join our email list to get notifications about each meeting.

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Who’s behind this project?

Hi, I’m Ryan Pilling. I’m a regular at the SME Talk Magic Group on Facebook, I run a blog Tips & Tricks for Magicians, and back about 15 years ago I was the guy who built Magic Broadcast (24 hour radio for magicians!)

I do all this stuff because I love magic, all my best friends are magicians, and magic meetings have been a big part of my life for over two decades.

While this started as a quick fix in a time of need, the world’s largest magic organization, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, has joined in to support and the future of online magic meetings around the globe.

Ryan Pilling