How to attend an online magic meeting

For many of us, this is something new! There’s going to be a little bit to learn to attend your first meeting online. This page is here to provide you all the steps.

Meeting Tutorials

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How To JOIN a Meeting

How To HOST a Meeting

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Using Zoom for meetings

We host our meetings with Zoom, a world leading online meeting service company, which provides a full list of options to connect to out meetings.

You are not required to have a Zoom account to join a meeting. 

Use any computer or laptop:

Download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings from the Zoom Download Center.

To fully interact in the meeting, you will need a microphone and webcam.

Use your mobile phone or tablet:

Search in your App store for “Zoom”. Look for the blue Zoom icon. (see picture)

When you click on a Zoom meeting link on your device, it should open up in the app.

Join a meeting from your web browser:

No download or app required to join a meeting in your web browser. However, it does limit some of the meeting features. You will need to allow your browser permission to access your microphone and camera.


Meeting Tips

When you first enter your meeting, you may be muted. This is often done to prevent background noise from interrupting a conversation in progress. Unless the meeting host has said otherwise, you have control over your microphone and video.

Before you wish to speak, you will un-mute your microphone. When you are not talking, keep your microphone muted to prevent noise.

Zoom Meeting Controls

How to ask a question, or add to the conversation

One challenge of online meetings is that it’s more difficult to quickly pass focus from one person to the next. The best way to start speaking is to signal your wish to speak. Don’t just interrupt.

Use the Zoom to raise your hand

If you click on “Manage Participants” there are various response options including raising your hand. This works like getting the attention of a steward on an airplane. A small indicator appears beside your name and the host can call on you. 

Ask a question in the text chat

You can ask your question by typing it in, and the speaker will (hopefully) notice and respond. Or you can type “I have a question” and the host can call on you directly.

Use your webcam to raise your hand or wave

You can visually signal that you have something to say, and wait for the current speaker to call on you.

Designate a person to watch for speaking requests

All these signals work great, as long as they are noticed. A meeting host must be watching for these signs while people are speaking. If the regular host is doing a talk themselves, ask a second person to step in to chair the meeting and call on questions and comments.