You Can Give A Talk

Get On The Schedule For The Next Meeting

Magic clubs are great because of great members like you.

I’ve always found the more you share, the more you get back. These magic meetings depend on the people attending to offer short talks on a topic of their choosing.

Even if the agenda for the next meeting is full, we’ll keep in touch about speaking opportunities.

Pick something you love about magic, and tell us about it!

Here are guidelines for your talk:

  • Short and snappy – We’re looking for speakers to present for 5 to 10 minutes in most cases. This lets us have a meeting full of variety, and keep the audience engaged.
  • Stick to one focused topic – It will likely only be a thin slice of your expertise. Pick the part that is most interesting, can make the biggest impact, or you are most passionate about.
  • Be genuine – We are not expecting you to be the best expert in the world. We welcome talks from all experience levels in magic, so long as you are sharing from the heart.

Propose Your Talk

Fill out the form to send a message to Ryan about your talk. He’ll follow up with you to sort out the details.

    How it works at the meeting

    Each meeting will have a published agenda of talks, on a timed schedule. The host will help the meeting run on time. (which may mean stopping a talk from running over time!)

    After a talk, if appropriate, the floor will open for questions and discussion for a short amount of time.

    And then we move on to the next scheduled talk.

    Technical stuff

    Anybody who wants to join in with the meeting (for talks or discussion) will require a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone.

    Ideally you can set the camera up (tripod, shelf, etc) rather than holding it for a stationary view.

    Ensure you are sitting (or standing) in a well lit area.

    You will need the Zoom meeting app installed on your computer or device.

    Note: If you’d like to test out your system, Ryan may be able to meet up in advance to try things with you.