Pick your date and book your next magic meeting automagically!

Pick a time to book your own virtual magic meeting. Once you confirm the date, you will receive an email with your scheduled Zoom meeting link.

Make sure you pick the correct time

1. Check your Time Zone.
You can pick your time zone under the calendar, and all meeting times will show in your time zone.

2. It’s a 24-Hour Clock. Remember, 07:00 is 7 in the MORNING, while 19:00 is 7 in the evening.

Your meeting room will be booked for 4 hours from the chosen start time. It is expected your meeting will be wrapped up before the end of your time window.

If your meeting time is unavailable, or you have any issues with this self-service booking, you may still use the old Meeting Request Form and Ryan will help get your meeting set up.