Ring 13 – May Lecture

Ring 13 – Lecture with David Jonathan

I.B.M. Ring 13 is proud to host a special virtual lecture by rising magic star David Jonathan, who has already built a reputation for releasing strong, practical effects to the magic community. For this 2-hour online lecture, David has handpicked some of his favorite magic and mentalism creations to teach, including some of his marketed items as well as unpublished effects.

Everything you will learn is practical, workable material that is easy to do. The majority of the effects involve cards of sorts, but also photographs, dice, symbols, books and even UNO cards. The first half of the lecture is focused on magic, while the second half is all mentalism routines. Following the lecture, there will be exclusive discounts and bundles offered only to the attendees. Additionally, he will give an in-depth crash course on how to create original magic, which will not only spark your creativity, but it will also help improve your existing routines.

Zoom Meeting ID: 86186939729

Zoom meeting password: magic

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