Ring 252 – Middle Tennessee Magic Club

Ring 252 – Murfreesboro, TN
The Middle Tennessee Magic Club

Due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Tennessee there is no guarantee that our meeting location, the Linebaugh Library in Murfreesboro, will be permitting groups to use their facilities in July. We have therefore scheduled our next virtual gathering here at MyMagicMeeting.com on our regular meeting night in July – Tuesday, July 7th at 7:02 PM Central Time. If restrictions have eased and it is safe & permissible for us to meet at the library, we will simply add this virtual gathering as a bonus. It will be the best of both world’s as those who can will be able to meet in person while using the internet projector in the library’s community room to allow those member’s at home and guests from around the world to digitally join in the fun!

If joining digitally, here are a few tips:

1) Download the Zoom app. You can find a version for desktops / laptops / mobile devices on just about any platform. While you can attend a Zoom meeting with just a web browser the experience is not the best. Many features are unavailable and you may have difficulty hearing / seeing / participating. If you don’t have at least version 5.0 you will be forced to update before the Zoom program will allow you to join a meeting. So, check now and, if necessary, update before meeting night.

2) Read the article on this site on how to attend and participate in a Zoom magic meeting. www.mymagicmeeting.com/attend-a-meeting/

3) Watch the video at this link for additional hints about Zoom magic meetings (it’s in the above article but just in case you didn’t watch it when you were reading the article – you did read the article, right?). www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FBrHocXfAY

4) Check posts on our Facebook page for more tips on making our virtual magic meetings that much more magical. www.facebook.com/ibmring252/  

5) The last thing you should do is prepare what you’re going to share at the meeting. Practice watching yourself perform on your webcam to make sure everyone can see what you’re doing. You may need to adjust where your camera is pointing. If you’re using a laptop you may just need to partially close the top so the camera is pointing down at your close-up mat. If you’re using a phone, you may need to prop it against something or use a holder so your hands are free. If you’re performing a parlor routine, make sure the camera is far enough away so we can see everything but so far away that we can’t make out anything. Performing for a camera just takes a little trial ‘n error.

Here’s how the evening will go:

We’ll start with a welcoming of guests and watching a short 5-minute video about our Ring and how digital members can participate in the meeting. Our President, Alan Fisher, will give an update on the Ring’s annual picnic tentatively set for the second Saturday of August (8/8) at the Florence Church of Christ (6732 Old Nashville Highway in Murfreesboro) starting at 5 PM. Then we’ll head into a talk from our Special Guest.

Our Guest in July is no stranger to anyone in magic. Yeah, sure he’s a two-time World Champion of Magic, a two-time Penn & Teller Fooler, and a past International President of the IBM. But what has really put him on the map is being the host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show “What’s In Shawn’s Garage?”. That’s right, Shawn Farquhar himself (who also happens to be a member of Ring 252) will be joining us from a secure, and possibly even mobile, location in Canada.

And there will be plenty of time after that for everyone to share some magic. This is your chance to show us what you’ve been working on while sequestered or a favorite routine we haven’t seen for a while. Whatever you’d like to share, we’d love to see it. Guests are encouraged to be part of the fun as well (and we truly hope each & everyone one of you will show us some of your magic).

We’ll kick things off at MyMagicMeeting.com around 6:40 PM or so Central Time for a little socializing. We’ll bring in the folks from the library, if there are any there, at 7 PM and get the excitement going. Be it in-person or virtually, we hope everyone can join us on July 7th for a great night of magic and memories.

Alan Fisher, President
IBM Ring 252 – The Middle Tennessee Magic Club
Visit us at www.Facebook.com/IBMring252/ or www.IBMring252.com


Zoom Meeting ID: 85615163845
Zoom password: magic

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