I.B.M. Ring 5 February Meeting

Meeting Description:
1.      BRIEF (VERY BRIEF) INTRODUCTION and BUSINESS MEETING:  Essentially, I will provide any quick updates and we will move along to the festivities.

2.      YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL SHOW UP AT A RING 5 MEETING:  As always we have tremendous support, and our featured opener is still in coordination.  You’ll have to be there to see.

3.      SHOW US YOUR CHOPS:  It’s your stage, have at it.  As a fellow magician once told me — Never pass up the chance to perform while a supportive audience cheers you on! Feedback and tipping later in the meeting.

4.      OUR TIME – OPEN DISCUSSION:  “What is your go-to effect and why”: When someone says “hey, I heard you’re a magician, show me something”.  What do you do?

5.      TIP the Trick:  This is our time to session.  If there is a trick you want to tip; if there is feedback from a performance — this is the time to do it — let’s learn and perfect our craft!

This meeting is certain to be loads of fun.  So invite a friend.  Know a person who used to attend?  Invite.  Know a friend who might have an interest in magic?  Invite.  Know some folks who are not doing anything on a Friday night and could use a little fun and fellowship?  Invite.  Be a part of growing magic in the greater Dayton area.

Zoom Meeting ID: 84271954531

Zoom meeting password: magic

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Start: February 12, 2021 @ 7:00 pm UTC
Category: Guests Welcome, IBM Ring Meetings
Scheduled Duration: 3 Hours